Private Domestic Adoption

I began my law practice representing prospective adoptive parents in private domestic adoption (also known as private placement adoption) and continue to do so to this day. As an adoptee myself, I understand the value of family and I’ve made it my mission to help as many people as possible experience the joys of parenthood.

Private adoption is the process when you choose to match with a birthmother through private channels, i.e. not through an agency. Usually, private adoption results in a unique relationship between the child’s biological parents and the prospective adoptive parents. When beginning work with a lawyer who specializes in domestic adoptions, like myself, you are lead through the process of becoming a state-certified parent. Some of the steps in this process include being interviewed for a homestudy. The homestudy is written by a licensed social worker or agency and it details the adoptive parents’ background and home demonstrating the family’s fitness to become parents of a child. We handle the details beyond this, resulting in a court proceeding (for New York families) that ensures you’re legally certified as an adoptive parent and authorized to take custody, care and support a child.

After your family is approved, you work with us to develop a marketing strategy with the intent of matching with a birth mother who is considering an adoption plan. When you connect with prospective birth parents, we obtain information surrounding the birth parents’ family and social histories as well as information regarding the health of the baby, all of which help you decide if the adoption situation is right for you. If you proceed, you may meet the birth parent(s) in person, and you may be asked to provide financial support to your birthmother, if legally permissible.

Upon discharge of the baby from the hospital, we obtain the baby’s hospital medical record for you to bring to your pediatrician. We also finalize the adoption in a legal proceeding a few months after the birth of the child.

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