Private vs Agency Adoption

If you pursue domestic adoption, you need to consider whether to work with an agency or independently with a private adoption attorney. Below are some main differences between agency and private adoptions in New York and New Jersey.

  • Private (also known as independent) adoption of a newborn is usually achieved within a year. In contrast, agencies may have a long waiting period for newborn placements.
  • Anyone can adopt independently, provided you meet the legal requirements, regardless of your marital status, age, race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability. Agencies can decline to work with you for various reasons: your marital status, age, sexual orientation, race and/or religion, among others.
  • In private adoption, both adoptive parents and expectant parents are actively involved. Adoptive parents usually have contact with the birth parents prior to the birth of the child, experience the biological mother’s pregnancy and the development of the unborn baby, review background information and pre-natal records and, in some situations, may even be present during the birth of the child.
  • In agency adoptions, both adoptive parents and birth parents may play a passive role in the adoption process.
  • In private adoption, the child is placed in the physical custody of the adoptive parents immediately after birth, rather than temporarily placed in interim care, which may happen in an agency placement.

Here at we think you should consider private adoption because…

  • Private adoption is flexible, allowing both the adoptive parents and the birth parents to create the type of relationship and adoption they want – pre-birth as well as post-birth.
  • The parties are not required to subscribe to an agency’s philosophy of an adoption relationship.
  • Private adoption invites the biological mother to personally select and meet the adoptive parents. Birth parents are empowered by selecting their child’s adoptive parents.
  • Private adoption allows adoptive parents to use their own initiative and enthusiasm to identify and meet an expectant mother, rather than wait for an adoption agency to do it for them.

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